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Sunday, November 27, 2011

sneeky peeky

hope all is well for you and that thanksgiving felt great moving into the world of glitter @elementsthe vintage posters are always a hit were very well stocked with wonderful images right now
so so happy to have cake paper products now there are menu pads, placemats, cook's journals
and napkins with wonderful knife fork and spoon images
bath bombs in citrus, cotton candy, and lavender the smells ahhhhhhhhh
always a great find these pillows are wonderful in real life hope to see you soon in the store
more to come

Thursday, November 10, 2011


so...........michigan snow today yea...the weather guy said no staying ground not frozen yet
people get grumpy already...hey you choose to live here and stay here...just sayin
the photos above are a few weeks ago in sagatuck.......ahhhhhhhhhhh
EVERYONE came for the sunset on that last almost magical summer in late fall day
the above photos hopefully will warm you........the sun and beach are always near
that is why we stay really...
gearing up for 11.11.11 hope to see you sangria.hummus. olive tapande. yummy funk
fun store stuff and a special appearance by my MAMMA
we will be having a P-A-R-T-Y

Sunday, October 30, 2011


this is my 97th blog post i will post my 100 post on 11.11.11 my store grand opening just feels festive and right...been busy with things had stuff@ the country living fair in atlanta(earthangeltoys.com the trophy wife) and i am decorating a house for beneath the tree and getting the store pimped out for out 11 11 festivities.....wanted to post some photos though..
more to come

Monday, October 3, 2011


i should be working on my order for the country living fair in atlanta....i will get it out soon in case anyone reading is thinking about telling on me....but i wanted to share with you some fun shots of north market in columbus ohio it is a swanky city.. north market has 35 mini shops with food and such
they have a great info board showing the owners bios and store info
the old building is great 2 stories we got to go to a yummy beer fest the saturday evening we were in ohio....great beers fun people..just don't
mention the whole oh hey i live in michigan that seems to be a conversation stopper..(really)
the handmade pastas were works of art..some were 35 $ a pound...told my husband 1 would be dinner with lots of sauce great cool place...i hope if grand rapids get an indoor market the vibe is similar....off to create hope everyone enjoys the sun today
new items are in and 2 big orders are coming via fed ex and ups on tuedsay so the store will be stocked for friday....hope to see you soon we will have some chaterday champage saturday!
xxoo patrice

Saturday, September 24, 2011

part 2

the line at the country living fair was amazingly l o n g the bonus of the early bird pass is you buy pass this line.....the disadvantage of sleeping in having breakfast and getting there as the gate is about to open (true tale) is no early shopping..but still by passing the line...yeah
love my buddy here with all the bus signage orginals from london they are always so yummy
what about happy chair the name says it all....
fun fun stuff...
more stories and photos soon it's just about to get good.

part one

wanted to share some images from the country living fair...which was last weekend in columbus ohio.....my art is sold thru earth angels tent so i love going to the fair to see my work shown as well as all the great great stuff.....
earth angels tent is alway the first place to head mudcake paintings are so wonderful
trophy wife in the house......fun to see my art at the fair....
the display and products are so fun.....
the people are all great....will share more photos and stories in part 2 the sequal

Thursday, September 8, 2011


ok so blogger which i love...really will not let me fix the word pretend and the word friday that have mistakes....just want you to know that I know and am sorry for those of you who struggle already with the fact that i do not ever capitalize anything.....with that said this is my previous blogs disclaimer...you know i love disclamers
see you this weekend friday 10-6 saturday 10-5 sunday 12-4 but the party sometimes goes later
441 century sw grand rapids mi 49503

the f word

well.......i said it the f word said it a few times it's a bad word should not be said...but it slips out of my mouth.....fall there i said it........it is coming you know...i like to savor summer in september prtend it's august..summer denial but ahhhhhh colors of fall do delight me....with that said
the velevet pumpkins are here they are out and ready for forever homes the fabrics and colors are delightful...
watch rings are restocked and some yummy new purses are in @ elements

store hours fiiday 10-6 saturday 10-5 sunday 12-4 (but the party sometimes goes later)
hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

moving right along

settling in.....opened almost a month already! having a great time fine tuning displays, getting new products and gearing up for the great fall merchandise rolling into elements
loving the dark gray cabinet housing home decor items
new yummies antiques silverware featuring engraved words like indulge, sweet, eat cake and of course eat me, bite me (could not help myself)
thanks for all the kind words and the happy wishes they mean a lot....
stop by soon new pillows, jewelry, furniture and more arriving as we speak (or as i blog)
will be having the grand opening of elements 11.11.11 more to come on that soon

Sunday, July 31, 2011

cool people

this is glenda....outed on my blog...she likes long walks..... oops sorry
she is my friend she is warm and kind and happy and generous oh and we just met yesterday..
she was a reader of my blog and she drove from mishawaka indiana to attend my grand opening..
i am sure she found me through True North and Dan and Cj....these connections to find like minded people are so cool...she owns mishawaka antiques...(in Indiana...) I am going to visit her soon......just thought you would want to meet her too.


a good time was had by almost all.............................
garden area great rosemary and lavender topiaries some fun 3 ball rosemary
votivo...garden yummy things
flea side.....the owl pillow found an excellent home....

there is a quote i love...."our truest life in dreams we are awake"
yesterday was one of those perfect dreamy days for me.
thanks for sharing with me in the opening of elements....
i loved all the happy faces and kind words......
i am happy to tell you that each saturday will be CHAMPAGNE CHATER-DAYS
hope you can join us next week.....new yummies are on the way.....
i have to shout out to ms glenda who gets the travel the longest award.....as well as thank her for my funky metal e....
all of you rock......
enjoy the photos...xxoo

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the big tease.......................

not her not me............store photos silly
this is lynn whipple had a GREAT day with her thanks to Found in Ann Arbor loved my happy creative day in the middle of store stuff balance of fun and play and work is important....... ok now shoppe pictures enjoy.....................
right side of the store great framed dick and jane cards this on is see Timmy go up and down
left side of the store starting to set up the flea items..........
love the watch rings.........................YUMMY................................................
xxoo 7/30/11 10-5

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grand Opening

Grand Opening 7.30.11
441 Century Ave SW
Grand Rapids MI 49508


Friday, July 1, 2011

sneeky peeky

things are really coming together @ elements great products arriving......will announce the grand opening date soon.....

love the correspond area as well as the home accessories.......

hope you have a great holiday weekend....more to come...promise



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

want vs need

this is not a want............it is a need!!! gray tufted linen.........i want it....i need it!!! consumed with display and unpacking this was my visual take a break dream for a while....
until i can sit on it....i will keep dreaming...

will post more store yummyness soon
it's really great in there....


aka almost shop girl

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sign above the store door

the post below really is why i added this...now you have to stick around to read both....