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Monday, September 10, 2012

bosses day

 happy bosses day to everyone that is bossy or has a boss....my friend Jason of Cakabakery fame posted that he had cupcakes for sale for bosses day...I told him I wanted a dozen he laughed....(i am my own boss...told him i was serious the boss said we had it in the budget.....)
 so today after picking up A-maz-ing goods for the store I came home to my happy cupcakes I love my boss!!!she is so kind and caring..ok the box above and the photo below are this year bumper crop of velvet pumpkins...they are extra yummy
 they are living in a great vintage velvet chair and all is right with the world
 touches of fall and halloween are creeping their way into the store.......
 the vintage pumpkin is a trophy wife creation......
 hope to see you soon....and the photo below is a shout out TO THE BEST BOSS EVER!!