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Saturday, September 24, 2011

part 2

the line at the country living fair was amazingly l o n g the bonus of the early bird pass is you buy pass this line.....the disadvantage of sleeping in having breakfast and getting there as the gate is about to open (true tale) is no early shopping..but still by passing the line...yeah
love my buddy here with all the bus signage orginals from london they are always so yummy
what about happy chair the name says it all....
fun fun stuff...
more stories and photos soon it's just about to get good.

part one

wanted to share some images from the country living fair...which was last weekend in columbus ohio.....my art is sold thru earth angels tent so i love going to the fair to see my work shown as well as all the great great stuff.....
earth angels tent is alway the first place to head mudcake paintings are so wonderful
trophy wife in the house......fun to see my art at the fair....
the display and products are so fun.....
the people are all great....will share more photos and stories in part 2 the sequal

Thursday, September 8, 2011


ok so blogger which i love...really will not let me fix the word pretend and the word friday that have mistakes....just want you to know that I know and am sorry for those of you who struggle already with the fact that i do not ever capitalize anything.....with that said this is my previous blogs disclaimer...you know i love disclamers
see you this weekend friday 10-6 saturday 10-5 sunday 12-4 but the party sometimes goes later
441 century sw grand rapids mi 49503

the f word

well.......i said it the f word said it a few times it's a bad word should not be said...but it slips out of my mouth.....fall there i said it........it is coming you know...i like to savor summer in september prtend it's august..summer denial but ahhhhhh colors of fall do delight me....with that said
the velevet pumpkins are here they are out and ready for forever homes the fabrics and colors are delightful...
watch rings are restocked and some yummy new purses are in @ elements

store hours fiiday 10-6 saturday 10-5 sunday 12-4 (but the party sometimes goes later)
hope to see you soon!