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Monday, November 19, 2012

fa la la la la

starting to deck the halls at elements.... snowballs, wonderful ornaments some are so cute they scream year rould happy.....seibold vintage lavender sachets.....stockings from Old White House, Trophy Wife Ribbons.....let the games begin!


Friday, November 2, 2012

prop sale

 every so often as new stuff comes in to display on I let certain prop pieces go so here they are...
first come first serve  1. above metal wire plant stand 3 foot tall 16 inch round 35.00
 glass siplay case beveled glass top thick plate glass, 2 wood shelves color of bottom not picture
glass on left side needs replaced (reflected in price) case is 25 deep 48 tall  5 ft wide 100.00
 pink orginal paint counter there is a drawer that slides in top with built in dividers open bottom
wonderful pale pink color 19 deep 2 ft high 3 ft tall great patina and cracking paint 40.00
 top view of cupboard
 primitive white cupboard orginal cream paint 33 inches deep 3 drawers bottom shelves inside
95"tall almost 8 foot.....she's  beauty 200.00
 hardware of cabinet
 fun metal 4 drawer piece it's on its back in this shot 19 across 13 tall 2foot 4 inches deep  45.00
 different view great industrial piece
  old cast iorn sink solid and heavy would be great in farmhous kitchen
41 across 20 deep 21 high the gray square covers the drain and is wood it was just used to level in shop 85.00

all things sold as is I will mark sold when no longer available.....

Hope to see you at the shop soon I spent all day resetting the floor layout....planning ahead for
shop hop which is the first Thursday in December (the 6th)