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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the good the bad and the ugly

still thinking about the january market and visually all there was it is beyond crazy 3 buildings 22 floors per building never ending and picking the best of the best takes time unless your roomate gives you a handwritten hit list....(she shall remain nameless but i owe her...)
fun to know that one of these now is in waiting @ elements...who it's lucky owner will be time shall tell
this was just too picture worthy to not throw in the mix....my dog does not own a stroller he does however have a sweater even with fur it gets cold in the world
slightly creepy......
over the top...stuffed cut in half and on the sofa...i prefer a pillow....call me old school
well stay tuned more is working it's way in from the show there are also some fun new furniture pieces (vintage) that arrived early today...
hope to see you soon

Saturday, February 11, 2012

love is in the air

really thinking i need to keep this sign....i have gypsy blood and my mom used to call me a gypsy
new signs are in don't feed the animals sold this morning...part of the fun is they can create a phrase...brush your teeth, shoes go here, go away, you get the idea I LOVE THESE
SAY is part of the fun metal letters we have @elements they are really great
this optical print and loveseat make my weak in the knees...hope you can come see all the goodies
also please email if you still want to sign up for classes they start next week mixed media water color and found object 5 weeks at the store of creative bliss

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

trophy wife in the house

well some of you know the big seceret that some of my stores merchandise is from the trophy wife
some of you know that I am the trophy wife...
Saturday a group of women asked me if my trophy wife brand paper weights are called that because the trophy wife throws them at husbands....
need to clarify issue one.....TROPHY WIFE is a play on words I collect old loving cup trophies....
part 2 if you are near and dear you know that i am an earth angel and sell things there... with the
lovely Jen O' Conner..(earthangeltoys.blogspot.com)
well i was told today....get ready trophy wife art is in Romantic Homes and Folk Magazines.....
wow...there ya go...
thinking some champagne is in order....