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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

trophy wife in the house

well some of you know the big seceret that some of my stores merchandise is from the trophy wife
some of you know that I am the trophy wife...
Saturday a group of women asked me if my trophy wife brand paper weights are called that because the trophy wife throws them at husbands....
need to clarify issue one.....TROPHY WIFE is a play on words I collect old loving cup trophies....
part 2 if you are near and dear you know that i am an earth angel and sell things there... with the
lovely Jen O' Conner..(earthangeltoys.blogspot.com)
well i was told today....get ready trophy wife art is in Romantic Homes and Folk Magazines.....
wow...there ya go...
thinking some champagne is in order....


  1. Congrats Patrice! What an awesome accomplishment!

    1. Dearest Trophy Wife, I recently got to see the Folk Mag. Yes, there you were. I was so excited, because I happen to know one person who has a subscription to Folk and this one person brought it in to show me another article. To my delight I turn the page, and yell Patrice.... Of course I shouldn't yell when I have customers, but how could I help myself. Why oh why couldn't I live in GR? We could create all the day along!!!

  2. So cool!! Congratulations friend! Love Folk magazine ! Great energy from a true artist ! Xo Diane