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Monday, January 23, 2012

tah dah

you ask for it....sneeky peeky from the atlanta gift show.....take a breath get a chair and some kleenex warning you if you are visual this isn't going to be pretty...

shut your mouth this stuff makes me almost cry........the leather the crystals.....l-o-v-e
and it's coming to a store near you... (if you live in gr...or i can ship)
great linen bedding and pillows zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so cozy
these are my favorite find! red light district and village idiot, heaven, hell and other sick and wrong phrases are on the way! you know who you are that will hang such oddities....(i won't call you out here....)
wooooooooo hooooooooo BIG SCORE here GIANT letters and numbers one is a statement piece
just you wait these are AMAZING
this shot here is the shot i told several of you about "this is what heaven looks like"...
some great accent pieces coming
the show was great the people great my roomie devine......
so to wrap up here's what to expect...
jewelry letterpress glass apothacary linens pillows metal stools leather posters wall art
metal letters numbers imports from belgium yummy goods
just you wait all will be working there way to elements in the next few weeks.....
enjoy the week


  1. oooo la la!!! So....when can I get my hands on one or more of those chairs? I am literally just around the corner from you! Also LOVE those letters.....can't wait to see these in person! Plz email me so I set an appt with you or what are you hours at Elements? Thanks!

  2. hi Sharon things will be coming over the next several weeks....the store is open Wed-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5 Sun 12-4 closed Mon/Tue will keep you posted on things with the blog glad you like what you see..

  3. Patrice,
    Those numbers you were telling me about are giant and awesome! I hope there still around to see by the time I get the chance to get over there again. It was great talking with you the other day, I can't wait to stop in again.

    Dave (adaptationshop.com... it's a work in progress :/)

  4. Hi Dave if they are gone I can get more they are so fun in real life good talking to you too gonna check out your web take care patrice

  5. Hey Patrice -- Thanks for the peek! Please let me know when the jewelry arrives -- love those bracelets!! xo

  6. Hey Patrice! Thanks for taking the time to chat today! I am looking forward to hearing from you about the workshop and I have a friend in mind to bring along. Keep up the good work, I am a new fan! You can check out "My Designs," not a lot there yet, but maybe soon. Brenda Holtrop 01/27/12

  7. Finally, I get to post. Whatevah bloggity spot is doing I wish it would stop. I've tried for days now to say something, now my chance. I miss Elements, I miss sweet Patrice, but I hope not to miss these great items coming to your shop... Please do tell the whole experience of the mart when I come up. Soon....

  8. thanks for all the kind thoughts everyone...
    ms glenda....we are waiting for you....