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Monday, November 29, 2010


the ad was for 3 doors...........20.00 for all....must take all 3.....

they are on their sides here in my yard they have the most beautiful chippy blue paint and i love them... drove 30 minutes away to get them....met a gentleman at his barn...thought oh hope i don't die they will never find me.....(watch too many murder shows...)
felt almost bad taking them for 20.00 they are really great workhorses for table tops, wall dividers people are even making cabinets out of them....
the garage on this property had great carriage doors attached.....with baby windows they have great chippy paint and beautiful wood inside they are on the barn silver sliders.....told they guy i loved them he told me in the spring he will replace them with a new garage door.....so i am waiting to snag them! they are too cool....
i love old beat up things.....wonder why?
happy monday

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