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Monday, September 20, 2010

dirty dancing............

ever see dirty dancing????the movie that is??

jennifer gray and patrick.....the end...the music....

I had the time of my life....and I owe it all to you.....

great movie......WONDERFUL EVENT thanks to all that worked so very
hard to make magic..........this is me and my bff jo...(not really but hey)

i am sporting my jazzy new rebecca sower necklace luv her madly.
great to meet so many de-lightful people
will post more of my behind the scene
"look at me with the famous" paparazzi pictures soon

(spelling does not count here...)
so if sister nancy is ready from holy rosary class of '83 forgive me

have a magical monday.....p.


  1. Hey Patrice,

    You now have 3 followers! Told ya' I was going to be the third. I loved meeting you at TCC. You made the shuttle ride to the airport so much fun. I never met anyone that can talk as much as you and be so entertaining. I learned so much about how to poison my husband if I should ever have the need and Katy Rootin Tootin with her charming accent, your bed mate.......and so much more. You have lots of good stories to tell so just keep on bloggin'.

    I was wondering if you wanted to be bff's? I know it would be a long distance relationship but we could make it work. You would have to let me get in a sentence or two every now and then. I figure that when you pause to take a breath I could shout something witty out quickly.

    Take Care BFF,

    Jamie Matheson
    Whistler, Canada

  2. thank you you are my bff!!i will let you talk too and call jo today and tell her we can not hang any more.....your my first ever comment which does feel cool.....i keep thinking of when i asked you about the bear eating the chicken and you said it was dinner not running free range in the house.....it was funny and it's my pleasure meeting you too....I have agreat picture of you in lauries painting class let me know if you want it...patrice

  3. Yeah!! We are BFF's!!!!!

    Yes-I want to see that picture. I haven't even looked at my photos yet but I did download them to the Mac yesterday.

    So funny you thought I might have a live chicken running around my house. Now that would attract all kinds of wild critters in my door to eat it. I have to be careful that the Eagles don't swoop down and take my prissy little poodle.