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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a few of my favorite things

thought i'd share for a while from all the great trip photos...these are a few of my favorite things.. ipa from the brewhouse in santa barbara ca luv luv luv this spot it is a local micro brew the beer is so yummy look at that glass and color ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
it was great to be where flowers are in bloom in the midwest that is not a thing we have yet but i did see buds on the trees......(won't be long now)
lavender is my favorite thing i have a great shortbread recipie that has fresh lavender the smell of lavender is heavenly to me will have some silk sachets filled with lavender@ elements
truck spotting #2 this one looks loved the color is okay it's lines though are screaming yummy to me....so jealous

hope you are having a happy day will update you on the store's progress this weekend




  1. It looks like the trip was great fun. Can't wait for the pics of the shop!!!

  2. hopefully will have pretty shop pictures soon ordering products cleaning painting will make great before and after book.....
    enjoy the day