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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

new products

so exciting we now have bee kitchen towels 100% cotton with charcol gray bee and jute tote bags with charcol gray bee and our ever popular diner mugs with bee logo get them while they are
H-o-T hope to have pillow order later this week with the bee too......
LOVE can you say "beach bag"
cooking feels better with these in my kitchen
periodic table elements of beer and wine what can I say? It just felt right....
large size letters good assortment available right now
happy to now have grandmothers buttons out of LA all jewls are are 100 plus year old buttons or made with old buttons
re stocked with twisted style jewls......
great hanging vases......
metal wall hook.....great for coats towels and dog leash
hope to see you soon
at the store


  1. So so glad that My sister and I found your shop today...We for sure will be back when we have more time to shop!
    I would love if you got a facebook page too. So easy to see what your up to and make announcements!!!
    Eagerly looking forward to being back in your beautiful shop.

  2. I am on facebook you should be able to link from my blog
    Thanks for coming in hope to see you again