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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

old friends

went to visit an old friend today she turns 50 in 2 years she lives in a gated community but before you think we are snobs....I should explain she lives in a gated community with barbwire fencing around the top and is not free to leave on her own...

so now your really judging my friend I know.....
well let me introduce you be kind....her name is well bambi.............

she is a 1964 airstream trailer 17 foot in lenght and one of the loves of my life.....she does live in a gated community with barbwire fencing at the rv storage place most trailers there are big and flashy not ms bambi she lays in wait for summer glamping (glamorus camping)
re doing the kitchen with glass tile and concrete counters.........the yellow wall is a before shot just you wait so see what happens there.....
staining the upper cupboards choclate brown.....and planning on what fabrics will grace her cushions i am hanging a chandiler as her center light...(of course)
someday she will be polished and shine like the chicago jelly bean.....(looking for friends to help
call to sign up)
we had a happy visit today and soon we will have summer adventures.....this is the crazy stuff i do on a day off....
I will post store photos in a bit so you can see the happy things now @ elements too
happy spring


  1. Will this be our accommodations when we going junking together... Say it is so!

  2. If we go junking I will fill it with down bedding and wine and treats I will

  3. Patrice are you already a member of the "Loyal Order of the Glampers" we are a closed group on facebook. Over 700 members with lots of glamping ideas and support. We have a glamping camping trip planned for Mother's Day weekend at Warren Dunes in Sawyer Michigan. Check us out
    BTW I love your store. I live in Plainwell, MI.